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Permanent Disfigurement and Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

February 24, 2021

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Workers’ compensation in Massachusetts is a critical issue to discuss on different platforms. This is because of the impact of permanent injuries and scars that disfigurement leaves on the workers. We know you work hard for your loved ones; we are here to help you get your rights regarding compensation of workplace injuries, scars, and disfigurement.

Your lives are essential, you serve people as an asset, and we value our heroes. Since Massachusetts is a hilly area, the workers have to go against the norms to perform their duties. They have to go through major and minor injuries that leave scars, disfigurement, and severe illness that might result in permanent damage. The injuries include eye scars, permanent knee injuries resulting from dislocation, foot displacement, finger fracture, or other injuries related to other body parts.

These injuries result from different workplace explosions like chemical or explosive material exposure, automotive materials and their destruction, fire breakouts, and sometimes a fault in the machinery. It might seem more manageable for regular people to tell the workers about claiming their rights and documents along with deserved rewards, but it is not a cup of tea in Massachusetts.

Help from a professional can surely provide benefits to the deserving workers. Still, above all, the workers need to know the importance of these compensation programs designed to aid them during their hard times.

Massachusetts Work Injury Statistics

According to the statistical data presented by the Massachusetts government, around 3,000 workers have to face serious workplace injuries annually. This shows the intensity of this rising issue and the problems that workers have to face daily. Natural injuries are undoubtedly unavoidable, but the damages caused by controllable factors can be reduced through proper measures, and the workers can be compensated for their losses.

The Value of Workers’ Compensation in Massachusetts:

We know you cannot claim your rights until you see the significance of worker’s compensation in Massachusetts. It is significant for you to understand your worth and how these rights can benefit you for life. It is your utmost responsibility to claim rewards for the services that you give. A few significant points can help you understand the significance of raising your voice for what you deserve.

Medical Benefits:

As part of your claim, you may be also entitled to receive compensation for any medical costs associated with the injury, including hospital expenses, rehabilitation services, physical therapy, medication, and mileage incurred on the way to and from these appointments. As a result, it is a good idea to keep thorough records and receipts reflecting any medical expenses that you incur as a result of your work injury.

Disability Benefits

During the medical examination, the physician will evaluate you to determine whether your injury is partial or total and whether it is temporary or permanent.

A total disability means that the employee is prevented from performing the substantial majority of his or her job duties. A partial disability, on the other hand, means that the employee can still perform some of his or her job duties but is operating at a reduced earning capacity. Temporary or permanent refers to the length of time that it will likely take for the injury to resolve, with permanent injuries being those that are expected to last indefinitely.

These two determinations will decide the amount of benefits that you then receive on a weekly basis, according to a statutory-based scale. For example, partial and temporary injuries result in smaller weekly benefit payments than total and permanent injuries.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If you can’t return to your job after recovering, you may receive up to two years of vocational rehabilitation services, including job training, to help you qualify for and find other work.

Death Benefits

If an employee dies because of a work-related injury or illness, the surviving spouse, children, or other eligible dependents can receive death benefits to compensate for the loss of financial support. According to Massachusetts law, a surviving spouse receives two-thirds of the victim’s average weekly wages, up to a specific maximum level. Death benefits also cover burial expenses up to $4,000.

Get Help from Professional Lawyers:

By this time, you must be eager to get professional help, through which you can be guided to a pathway to get workers’ compensation in Massachusetts. You need to get in touch with an excellent, empathetic, and systematic team of consultants through whom you can claim your rights and receive a proper framework of legal advice and the ways to achieve workers’ compensation.

Get in touch with us now so that we can work together to compensate and provide you with the best benefits and rewards.