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Workers Compensation Claim in Massachusetts for Hearing Loss

February 24, 2021

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Workers Compensation Claim in Massachusetts caters to all those that are put at risk due to the nature of their work. This essentially means that under the State government’s mandate, if an employee is at risk, sustains an injury or loss of life, or faces damage to bodily functions, then their employer may be upheld to provide compensation under various insurance and human resource policies through a workers compensation claim.

How Are Workers at Risk?

Many employees can face danger while on the job. This includes workers that are exposed to extremely loud levels of noise during their work, for extended periods of time. For a workers compensation claim connected to hearing loss, the most common workers include the following:

Why Is a Workers Compensation Claim Important?

Workers who face other injuries at work may also be entitled to compensation from their employers; such as those who face injuries in workplace accidents, fires, damage from chemicals and machinery used. Workers may develop long-term and short-term medical conditions that include hearing loss or tinnitus, damage to eyesight, physical disability caused by workplace accidents, etc. A workers compensation claim is not necessarily drafted to point fingers at employers, but rather may also be found under the best precautionary measures taken to protect those who work for them.

By following government and state guidelines for worker protection and ensuring workplace safety, employers must provide workers with the necessary safety equipment such as protective gear, helmets, fire-proof clothing, earplugs, etc. Historically, the workplace safety measures also include first aid availability or workplace safety training to make sure workers are fully equipped and safe from hazards.

What Constitutes a Workers Compensation Claim in Massachusetts?

Under the authority of the United States Department of Labor, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides guidelines that act as a mandate for employers when ensuring worker’s safety and rights. The organization also outlines necessary training and has a streamlined process for filing complaints in such cases of workplace accidents and risks.

Data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration shows that almost 22 million workers are exposed to noise levels above 85 decibels. Research also shows us that a worker exposed to this level of harmful noise for over 8 hours at a time is placed at risk for permanent or temporary hearing loss that can lead to tinnitus. It goes without saying that such loss of a crucial human sense is something that isn’t easy to deal with.

As such, seeking a worker’s compensation claim in Massachusetts can put you in a position where you are entitled to full coverage and insurance for medical costs and services, and coverage for any losses obtained by missing time in working hours, to make sure that workers are not without pay for the period of their recovery.

What Can A Worker’s Compensation Claim Do for You?

If you believe that the nature of your work put you at risk for hearing loss or other damages, you may be entitled to compensation. This includes any injury or damage sustained either through your direct employer or any other party or organization that fails to meet safety regulations.

As such, a workers compensation claim in Massachusetts can help pay for or facilitate any medical bills or provide access to medical services and facilities. It may also make you entitled to estimated monetary compensation for any working hours missed while in recovery. In the case of a loss of life, while working, the workers compensation claim also holds dependents or family members of those affected to be compensated for their loss.

Seeking A Workers Compensation Claim in Massachusetts:

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