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Risks Involved in Teen Drinking and Driving in Massachusetts

February 24, 2021

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Driving is a useful skill that people should know. Though, there is a certain age at which you get a driver’s license, which is 18 years old. However, the teens in America are already driving their parents’ cars before they even reach the age of holding a driving license. Parents want to talk to their children about the risks involved in teen drinking and driving in Massachusetts but it is far from being easy. That is because teens are already in high spirits and they do not want to be stopped from anything.

As a parent, you need to talk to your teen tactfully about their responsibilities as a driver. In Massachusetts, teens at the age of 16 and a half and 18 years can have a junior operator’s license. But they cannot drive their friends under 18 years, without adult supervision for the first six months of driving. Moreover, they are restricted to cruise from midnight till 5 a.m.

Drinking is strictly prohibited while a teen is driving. It may cause many problems and accidents on the road due to the negligence of the teen driver. Also, drinking is not allowed for anyone till they reach the age of 21.

Parents should teach their teens to respect the legal drinking age, which as mentioned earlier, is 21. They should also be aware of the disadvantages that come with drinking below the age of 21. However, if they are forced by their friends to drink for fun, they should share it with you or any other family member.

You need to tell your teenage child that alcohol is really bad for them at this age because they are developing themselves, physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. Their values and power of decision-making are building up. Therefore, they must be able to think rationally and avoid drinking habits altogether.

An Insight into Teen Drinking and Driving in Massachusetts:

In the U.S. the percentage of drunk driving-related deaths range between 19% to 43% among individual states.

As we talk about the risks involved in drinking while driving, the biggest risk is a car crash on the road. There are fatal accidents while the driver is drinking because drinking does not let you control your body and there is uncertain and uninformed driving involved. With time, drinking leads to poor decisions.

Road accidents often lead to criminal cases, especially if the car is damaged, or someone is injured in the accident due to teen drinking and driving. In some cases, the parents are also held responsible, especially if there are any personal injuries and the teenage child claims for a car insurance policy.

For a teenager, injuring another person could be a traumatic situation. It is a frightful sight to experience on the road. Your teen will need support and guidance from you. There is a teen-parent driving contract that you can review with your teen and let them know that you will always be there to pick them up when needed.

Parents need to be understanding for their children when it comes to teen drinking and driving. You may tell them that accidents and driving mistakes do happen. However, you need to tell them that you cannot support unsafe and harmful ideas such as drinking while driving in Massachusetts.

There are many consequences of teen drinking. Not only do they have bad driving skills, but also; they may be suffering from peer pressure and social problems. They may get bad scores at school or get arrested for hangovers. Some of them also become the victim of physical or sexual assault as well. Drinking habits have a long-term impact on a teen’s physical growth.

Additional Notes:

You need to tell your child that it is okay to refuse your first drink because it makes you a sensible person. It is important to tell them that you are proud of them and that they should be happy to refuse the drink.

Every household has its way of living. It is advised that you do not allow drinks at home even. The supply of alcohol in the house may lead to the arrest of parents, as well. Some parents are liberal enough to share drinks with their teens. It is not a very good way of thinking, especially when your teen is just moving to develop their cognitive and social skills.

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You should be vigilant about your teen. Keep a check on them that where they are going and with whom. There are cases where teen drinking and driving in Massachusetts could call out for an arrest.

Some teenagers might get into the habit of drinking from their friends and friends’ parents. Therefore, as a parent, you must know your child’s company. The only way to keep in check with your teen is to become friendly and understanding towards them.