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Massachusetts Auto Accidents Due to Bad Weather Conditions

February 24, 2021

head on car collision

Bad weather conditions especially in winters cause Massachusetts auto accidents. People who do not have experience of driving in inclement conditions are more prone to accidents. During winter weather, the likelihood of car accidents increases manifolds. Usually, in October, the highest number of car accidents have been witnessed in Massachusetts. In 2019, there were 395 motor vehicle deaths reported.

Millions of people suffer serious injuries in these accidents. If your car accident is caused due to another person’s negligence, you can recover the damages. But snow and other weather conditions-related accidents are challenging for injury victims as it becomes difficult to evaluate the circumstances of the accident. It is essential to consult your case with an attorney to discuss your rights and action plan.

In some cases, the liability is evident especially when a property owner fails to make the property safe or there was a negligent driver involved. However, defendants blame the victim to avoid their responsibility due to comparative negligence law. In addition to snow, rain, ice, or slippery roads, the sun can be hazardous for drivers, as it creates a blinding glare. Fog can also reduce driver’s visibility leading to disastrous accidents.

Our attorneys have the right experience and knowledge to deal with such cases. If you have been hurt due to bad weather conditions, seek compensation for your damages.

Who is Responsible for Massachusetts Auto Accidents Caused by Bad Weather?

Bad weather impacts driving, all the drivers need to take extra care to avoid Massachusetts auto accidents. When driving in dangerous weather, you should always have control of your vehicle. You should reduce your speed according to the weather situation, even if your speed is under the posted speed limit. Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles gives you enough time to stop your vehicle.

Drivers should also avoid quick acceleration or sudden brakes that cause sliding. More caution than usual is required to ensure safety. Special precautions are required for large truck operators as these heavy trucks cause significant damage in accidents involving multiple vehicles. Establishing responsibility for a car accident requires you to be vigilant and document every detail of the accident.

No driver should drive a vehicle at a speed greater than the speed which is prudent and reasonable under conditions. If a car crash results due to snow, rain, ice, or other weather conditions, the driver who caused the accident will be held liable, despite the circumstances. Even if you were not negligent, insurance companies assume that the driver will exhibit extra care and caution after being aware of the road conditions. If you were hurt in a weather-related accident, get in touch with a car accident attorney.

Establishing Liability:

To establish liability that another person was responsible for the accident, you need to prove another person’s negligence. For instance, if a driver fails to use windshield wipers during rain, or they failed to use headlights on a snowy night then they will be held liable for their actions. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that their vehicle is prepared for all types of weather conditions. A driver may realize that the weather conditions are bad but still do not adjust their driving habits according to the situation then they will be responsible.

Another thing also considered in weather-related accidents is negligent behavior. If a driver is driving a vehicle when too tired, or under the influence of drugs, or speeding, then these actions will put the driver at fault. As a vehicle owner, you will be responsible to remove snow and ice from your car to ensure clear visibility of your surroundings. This helps in ensuring that nothing will fall from your car that can hit another vehicle.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is essential, if a person fails to properly maintain their vehicle, they will be responsible for the damages. Headlights, windshield wipers, and tires must be frequently checked to ensure everything is functioning properly and you are following the basic safety protocols. If a driver did not upkeep their car creating a higher risk for a fatal accident, they will be responsible for the car accident during bad weather.

Speak to an Experienced Attorney:

Bad weather conditions can occur at any time of the year. If you or your loved ones suffered serious injuries in Massachusetts auto accidents, speak to our experienced car accident attorney. We will make the entire process hassle-free. We believe in strengthening your case and attaining successful results. You deserve maximum compensation for your loss.