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The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Brockton, MA

February 24, 2021

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There are some common causes of the majority of the 3,000+ accidents in the state every year which involve minor to severe injuries. The most common cause of car accidents in Brockton, MA is human error. Humans make mistakes; it’s a fact of life. Normally, other people’s mistakes have an insignificant impact on others’ lives, but that doesn’t happen all the time. Mistakes made behind the wheels of a vehicle can often result in life-threatening repercussions.

Causes of Car Accidents in Brockton, MA:

According to several studies that have been conducted, human error is the major contributor to 90% of car accidents in Brockton, MA. Few of the examples of human errors and how they can cause crashes include:

1. Distracted Driving:

Distracted driving is a major contributor to accidents in the United States and also of car accidents in Brockton, claiming more than 3,000 lives nationwide every year. Drivers can be distracted in three fundamental ways. Manual distractions involve the driver taking their hands from the wheel. Visual distractions involving take your eyes off the road. Cognitive distractions pull your mind away from the task of driving.

Nowadays, texting is one of the most dangerous and alarming driver’s actions behind the wheels. It implicates all 3 categories. Typing instead of holding the wheels, looking at the screen instead of on the road, and engaging in the mental process of using a screen with inadequate attention to driving.

Other common distractions leading to car accidents in Brockton include using a cell phone to talk, reading emails, or browsing social media, eating or drinking, applying make-up, and several others. Drivers instead of maintaining their car speed adequately, pay attention to external distractions such as work zones, people in other vehicles or billboards can also be triggering factors.

2. Alcohol-Impaired Driving:

Drunken people result in 30 people deaths in a single day in the U.S. Alcohol impairs driving abilities. Alcohol impairs a person’s driving in terms such as staying in a travel lane, reacting to hazards, and making sound safety decisions leading to car accidents in Brockton.

3. Stress and Fatigue:

Driving with excessive tiredness and stress is quite alarming. Fatigue impairs a driver’s ability in a similar way as alcohol. Always get sufficient rest before driving and pull off the road to a safer place if you feel lethargic and drowsy while driving.

4. Over-Speeding:

Approximately 10,000 people die every year due to accidents caused by over-speeding. High speed reduces the time of reaction to any hurdle coming in the way. Moreover, it requires more time for the vehicle to reach a safe stop and render the vehicle’s crash safety equipment like airbags and belts.

5. Tailgating:

Tailgating is an act of following the other car too closely. It is a major reason behind two-vehicle accidents or rear-end collisions. There should be adequate space between two vehicles to ensure an ample amount of time to stop if the vehicle ahead suddenly slows or halts.

Preventing Human Error When Driving:

It is quite impossible to prevent traffic accidents or speculate someone’s error in judgment or skill could cause an accident. Several things can be done to avoid human mistakes to minimal; otherwise, it may result in serious injury or even death. Some significant tips are:

Don’t Drive If You’re Under the Influence, Tired, or Emotional

Avoid driving if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, haven’t got enough sleep, or feel emotional. These conditions will impact your ability to drive safely and ultimately, to exercise smart judgment behind the wheel.

Obey Traffic Rules

Always obey traffic rules including the rules about the speed limit and signboards. You must ensure to stop at intersections where it’s necessary to do so. It is important to carefully look for approaching vehicles before proceeding ahead on the road

Signal When Turning or Changing Lanes

Be sure to signal your intentions every time you change lanes or turn. It must clarify your intention to other drivers who can anticipate and react accordingly

Keep a Safe Distance

Allow substantial distance between your vehicles and others around you to avoid a collision. It helps cater to sudden hazards like a driver changing a lane or turning without proper signaling.

Be Aware of Your Emotions

Be mindful of your mental state while driving. Road rage can fuel aggressive driving such as over-speeding or changing lanes which is quite dangerous. If you are a target of someone else’s road rage, do not provoke the driver, nor retaliate. If you are stressed or angry while driving, try to alleviate your mood. Opt for a route with lesser traffic and listen to soothing music while driving

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