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Causes of Highway Truck Crashes in Massaschusetts

December 6, 2021

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What leads to truck accidents in Massachusetts? The roads of Massachusetts are busy all year. From commercial trucks to cars, one can find almost every kind of vehicle on these rush roads. However, the excessive amounts of traffic make the place more dangerous and vulnerable to accidents. Truck accidents in Massachusetts are now more common than they ever were.

Sometimes, it is due to a driver’s negligence, and sometimes over speeding causes massive accidents. No matter what the reason might be, these crashes have taken dozens of lives. More than a hundred people receive minor or major injuries due to these unwanted crashes. Along with injuries, people suffer from emotional distress, financial loss, and much more. The involvement of large vehicles such as trucks increases the chances of fatalities and catastrophic injuries.

According to statistics, in 2019, there were a total of 321 fatal crashes. There were 334 deaths, and all of these crashes took place on busy highways. Every year hundreds of people die in truck accidents. Even the pedestrians suffer harm in such cases. The operation of an 80,000-pound unsafe truck within the area of Massachusetts can result in damage beyond imagination.  Therefore, it’s good to know the prime causes of such incidents and what to do next.

The Reasons Behind Truck Accidents in Massachusetts:

There are numerous reasons behind these hideous truck accidents in Massachusetts. Such a heavy vehicle causes much more destruction than a collision with a car. As mentioned earlier, such an accident can change your life and even narrow down your chances of survival. So, it’s better to be aware of the main reasons why these truck accidents happen in the first place.

There is a high chance that if the driver is under influence, they can cause a major accident. Since they are not fully conscious, they don’t have complete control over their senses. It could result in a serious collision that could take many lives. Drunk driving is amongst the top reasons for crashes everywhere. Drivers must always drive when sober. If you or your loved ones feel that a truck driver near you is not in their senses, immediately contact local authorities.

Just like drunk driving, drowsy driving can also cost a lot of people their lives. Even though there are certain limits on the time for which a commercial driver can drive their truck. However, people do not abide by the rules and try to travel the extra mile. It causes them to become drowsy behind the wheel and make mistakes.

In the city of Massachusetts, distracted driving is the prime reason for almost all accidents. Commercial vehicles are heavy and huge. Thus, a driver needs to be more careful. Still, drivers who are driving for more than 16 hours feel as though they can handle anything. For them, minor diversions are not that serious. So, they either start looking at their phones or texting or talking with their mates. The distraction causes them to lose their focus and make wrong decisions.

Truck drivers think that overspending won’t cause any harm. But in reality, stepping above the limit results in disasters. We all know that trucks are heavy objects and weigh twenty times more than an average car. So, if a car suddenly comes in front or stops midway, it would be difficult for the driver to slow down in time.

Along with overspeeding, drivers perform certain activities, which put their own and the lives of others at risk. These practices include:

These small habits can cause massive issues for everyone on the road.

Another issue that can cause an accident is a poorly maintained vehicle. Drivers should check the brakes and tires before starting their journey. A worn-out tire can burst at any time. Moreover, loose or faulty brakes increase the risk factor of an accident. Don’t let your ignorance harm your future.

Get the Best Legal Help Possible:

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