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Car Accident Settlement in Massachusetts: What’s the Average?

December 6, 2021

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car accident settlement in Massachusetts consists of several steps. It is a procedure of sorting out your conflict without being involved in a judicial proceeding or a court case, which is the course of action most car accident claims are resolved. Both sides prefer to resolve before being involved in the court case. Because a reassuring consequence may not be promised in a legal proceeding.

By signing an insurance claim you can easily retrieve damages for hospital expenses, income loss, and pain you have encountered because of the car accident. At first, you have to collect essential evidence which will support your claims such as medical records and receipts. According to the US Department of Transportation, around 339 car accidents have occurred in Massachusetts in 2019.

The Process of Car Accident Settlement in Massachusetts:

We gave you an overview of the process, here are the details so that you can get yourself out of trouble fast. Let’s begin from where all this starts. Right after the accident, ask for the other drivers’ credentials and their insurance information. This will help in being detailed about the accident when you report it to the other person’s insurance adjusters.

After you have reported, the insurance adjuster will call you asking for documentation. Bargaining for a fair price is the key to winning. And if for some reason your negotiations fail, you can always go back to your lawyer.

How to Calculate the Damage?

In case of a car accident settlement, to calculate the damage which has been done, you have to master the art of negotiation. You have to add the bills of medical expenses and your pain and suffering. It also includes vehicle damage estimates which are done because of the accident. If you have been injured in a car accident, then the value of your injury claim is understandably a top concern.

The first and most important step while negotiating a settlement for the claim of a personal injury or car accident is that you should calculate the amount of money you will accept to give up on your legal claim. Most of the insurance companies as well as car accident attorneys rely on one or another formula to get an amount for settlement. The reporting of the damage in car accident settlements is mostly based on evidence such as the photos of the scene, and witnesses, etc. Moreover, every case is different and so will be the settlement.

When to File a Car Accident Report in Massachusetts?

In general, all the vehicles involved in the accident should process a car accident report. But according to government laws, if there’s a car or property damage of more than $1000, a car accident report is a must. What if you’re driving someone else’s vehicle? In that case, the person who owns the vehicle must report the accident within a day or two. Even in hit-and-run cases, police must register a car accident report. It is very important because the police use this report as evidence in an early investigation to determine. Who’s at fault.

Tips for Getting the Best Car Settlement:

What gets measured, gets processed. So, have a specific amount in mind while dealing with a car accident settlement in Massachusetts. Try to have the lowest figure at the back of your head too that you’ll accept. Be flexible in case the adjuster mentions a clear point that weakens your claim and similarly, tries to increase your expectations if you feel like the adjuster’s claims are weaker. Try and negotiate if the adjuster is mentioning a lot of prices. Ask them to justify their claims. Why are they mentioning this much of an amount?

Accidents happen and are part of our life, the main thing is how to cope with them. Now, in the case of a car accident settlement in Massachusetts, you must follow the above-mentioned steps. It comprises the ways and methods you can adopt to deal with the unexpected calamity. It is important because one can recover economic damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and the cost of repairing the car.

About the Law Office of Robert C. Shea:

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