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If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident due to distracted driving, it is important to seek legal counsel. Our personal injury lawyers offer free case reviews for individuals affected by such accidents. During the review, we will assess the details of your case and advise you on your legal options. Don’t hesitate, contact us today to schedule your free case review and protect your rights.

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What constitutes a personal injury? If you, or someone that you love, has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, wrongful actions, or intentional misconduct, you or someone that you love, may be a victim of a personal injury. Whenever someone else’s actions cause an injury, it may be considered a personal injury case. A personal injury or death may be due to a car accident, a dog bite, premises liability, product liability, concussion, traumatic brain injury, truck accidents, injuries at the workplace or on a job site, construction sites, wrongful death of you, or a loved one.

A personal injury is a civil suit and may not mean that the person is held liable legally. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t receive compensation for your injuries or the injuries or even the death of someone that you love. Each case is unique and for this reason, you should never attempt to deal with the situation alone. You need the proper legal representation of a qualified Brockton personal injury lawyer to ensure that you receive all of the compensation that you deserve.

It’s very important to understand that in the case of a personal injury, you should never sign anything that is presented to you by the other party’s insurance company. If you sign such a document, you may be signing away your rights to a personal injury lawsuit and the compensation that you deserve for your personal injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. You may also unintentionally sign a document that gives you a pittance in comparison to the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

For this reason, if you’ve been injured, or someone that you love has been injured or died due to someone else’s negligence, it’s very important to hire a lawyer to ensure that you’re fairly represented in a legal court of law.

If you’re struggling to meet your financial obligations and you’ve been involved in some sort of personal injury case, you need to call and get fair legal representation before your case goes to court. You deserve fair representation and you need financial relief for your lost wages, medical bills, any rehabilitation that you require, as well as your pain and suffering and any other compensation that you may be due. Give our Brockton personal injury law firm a call at 508-506-5681 and let us help you get the compensation that you deserve for your situation.

What Should I Do After An Injury?

If you’ve been injured, or someone that you love has been injured, it’s important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after your injury. If you do require medical treatment, make sure to document all of the injuries and the procedures that you may require to recover. If it’s at all possible, take pictures or a short video clip of the injuries so that you’ll have a record of this for your lawyer.

Get the names and contact information of any witnesses to your injuries or your loved one’s injuries. Everyone sees things differently so don’t be surprised if different people have a slightly different version of what happened.

File a police report or, if the injury occurred at the workplace, notify your supervisor about the injury and how it happened. If at all possible, take pictures of the location where the injury occurred. Make sure to take pictures at different angles to ensure that all possible views of the injury scene are visible to your lawyer and the courts if required.

Do everything possible to protect the scene of the injuries until the police or your supervisor have arrived. This includes not stepping into the location and not touching anything that could possibly compromise the scene. Again, take pictures, but make sure that you’re not contaminating the scene by doing so.

Call your lawyer as soon as possible so that you can begin the inquest into whether or not you can file a personal liability lawsuit in regards to your injuries. Share all of your medical documents and pictures or video as well as any employee reports or police reports with your lawyer. You’ll also need to give your lawyer the names and contact information of any of the witnesses to your injuries.

You may need to also contact your own insurance company and notify them of your injuries and the accident. Never admit fault to an injury to anyone. Let your attorney handle this for you. The less you say, the better your case is going to be.

Cooperate with all aspects of the investigation. If you’re unsure of how you should proceed in any part of the investigation contact your lawyer and follow their advice. Your lawyer will advise you on how best to proceed with the information that you reveal to the police, your supervisors, and anyone else that is asking about the situation.

Discuss with your lawyer the kinds of compensation that you want. Your lawyer will advise you of the various forms of compensation that you may qualify for. Typically this will include your medical bills, lost wages, any forms of rehabilitation that you may require for recovering from your injuries, your pain and suffering, and sometimes training for a new job.

Why Should I Get A Lawyer For An Injury Claim?

There are many great benefits to hiring a lawyer. Your lawyer is a valuable source of information for you if you or someone that you love has suffered some form of a personal injury. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on how to proceed and whether or not you should follow through with a personal injury lawsuit.

Your lawyer will handle your case from preparation (preparing documents for the courts and filing of your lawsuit) to the end when the case is heard by a judge. You will be much more at ease if you’re not trying to do all of this on your own.

A lawyer will help with the settlement negotiation in a court of law. If the other party’s insurance company is attempting to get you to sign off on a less than what you deserve settlement, your lawyer will negotiate with the other lawyers and insurance company to help seek a settlement that is acceptable to you.

If your lawyer and the settlement negotiation don’t keep your case out of court, your lawyer will prepare all of the required trial documentation and represent you in the court of law to ensure that your case is heard and that you receive a fair settlement for your injuries or the injuries or death of a loved one.

What Type of Damages Can I Recover?

Each personal injury case is slightly different and the types of damages that you can recover from your personal injury case may not be at all what another person in a similar situation may be able to recover. Most of the time, the damages that can be recovered are considered to be compensatory or rather, compensation for the monies that have been lost due to an injury or death. These will vary greatly from one individual to another.

For this reason, it’s very important to hire an experienced attorney to represent you in a court of law. At the Law Office of Robert C. Shea, P.C. we have over 20 years of experience in representing clients just like you in a court of law for personal injury cases.

If you need relief for lost wages, unpaid medical bills, rehabilitation due to your injuries, or job retraining, all of these may be able to be compensated for you with a personal injury lawsuit. Our attorneys will go over your options with you and work closely with you to ensure that you receive fair compensation for any injuries that may have occurred.

In Brockton, Massachusetts, our attorneys have been in the insurance industry for over 20 years and have the required experience to help you in your personal injury case. They know how to seek the proper compensation for any of your injuries including:

  • Economic: Financial hardships due to your injuries (lost wages etc.).
  • Non-Economic: Other impacts that your injuries have had on your life that aren’t due to finances.
  • Punitive: The consequences due to the defendant’s negligence.

How Is Liability Determined In Brockton Injury Claims?

In Brockton Massachusetts, liability is determined by adding up the costs of the damages including lost wages, present and future medical care, any rehabilitation that may be required due to injuries, any job retraining that may be required due to injuries, pain, and physical suffering, emotional or mental stress, loss of services such as childcare and housekeeping, death or burial expenses if applicable, loss of enjoyment and more. Each case is determined on an individual basis.

Special damages may include out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t covered under the above-mentioned liabilities. These may be determined with invoices, unpaid bills, wage statements, and other similar forms of documentation.

General damages may include such things as pain and suffering and mental anguish. Again, each case is determined on an individual basis and compensation will be determined accordingly.

To calculate the liability in a personal injury settlement, the lawyers will typically add up the hard costs, and then calculate up to one to five times over that amount for the victim’s pain and physical suffering. They will include such itemizations as special damages, and justify the general damages claims. It’s not unusual to expect one to two times the amount for the hard costs for a claimant.

If the injuries are more severe, or if there is a death involved, the amounts will be even higher. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced attorney for your case. Our personal injury lawyers have the experience that is needed to give you a fair representation in a court of law.

Comparative Fault

Massachusetts is a comparative fault state. This means that a personal injury claimant has the ability to recover any damages as long as they’re not over 51 percent at fault for the accident or personal injury case. The judge will determine the settlement according to a spin-down theory wherein the percentage of negligence is divided between both parties according to the percentage of responsibility for the personal injury each party holds.

Duty of care is the legal obligation wherein individuals are required to adhere to the standard of reasonable care to ensure that they’re not harming others.

Should an individual not follow the duty of care, this is considered to be a breach of duty of care in that they didn’t ensure the safety of others. This can apply if maintenance wasn’t performed as required or in other situations wherein a person was injured and personal safety was compromised due to the act of negligence of another.

In causation, the relationship between the defendant’s behavior and the end result must be proven. This means that the connection of the behavior to the injury must be proven.

The damages are the amount of money that is being sought for relief due to the personal injury. This amount will be determined as outlined above.

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Massachusetts?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in the state of Massachusetts, you have three years from the date that your injury occurred in which you can file your personal injury lawsuit. If you don’t file your claim within this time frame you likely won’t receive any compensation for your injuries. For this reason, it’s important to contact your lawyer as soon as possible after you’ve been injured in the state of Massachusetts. The longer you wait to contact your lawyer and file your claim the less likely you are to win your claim due to witnesses forgetting details or moving away etc.

How Much Will a Brockton Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Our Brockton personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis for their services. A contingency fee is a fee that the lawyers receive if they win their case. If they don’t win your case, they don’t receive any compensation for their services. Contingency fees work by giving the lawyer a percentage of the settlement amount that is won in the court of law for a personal injury case. Your lawyer receives their payment from a percentage of your settlement after the settlement has been dispersed. After your lawyer receives their payment you’ll receive the balance of your settlement.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle at Robert Shea: Brockton Personal Injury Lawyers

Our attorneys handle the following types of personal injury cases:

Review Your Claim With Our Brockton Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury or death due to someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. It’s important that you maintain records of all actions that take place after your injury including documentation of all forms of medical treatment, pictures or video of the accident site and your injuries, and the names and contact information of any potential witnesses. It’s important to seek prompt medical attention for your injuries, even if you don’t think you’ve been seriously injured. Sometimes serious injuries may take more time to reveal themselves than others so always get medical attention even if the injury appears to be minor.

Avoid signing any documents if an insurance company asks you to sign them. If you do sign them, you may not be able to receive any form of compensation for your injuries. The other party’s insurance company will do everything that they can think of to get you to sign away your rights. At the Law Office of Robert C. Shea, P.C., our lawyers will help you with all of this when you contact them. Don’t risk not being able to file your claim because you signed something you shouldn’t have. Call our personal injury lawyers at 508-506-5681 to ensure that you’re fairly represented.

Our personal injury lawyers have the experience and expertise that is needed for you to receive a fair representation in your personal injury case. Contact today to ensure that you’re represented fairly in a court of law. You won’t have to pay anything unless we win your case.

Your settlement will help you to pay for your medical treatment, replace lost wages, and any other expenses concerning your case. If you have to have rehabilitation or physical therapy to recover you can also receive compensation for that as well as for job training should you need to be retrained in a new job. If someone has died, the settlement can also help to pay for a lost spouse’s wages, funeral costs, and more. Don’t risk not receiving fair compensation for your losses. Give us a call at 508-506-5681 today and let us help you get started on your case today.

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