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Brockton Workers’ Comp: Do’s and Don’ts for Injured Workers

December 6, 2021

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A Brockton Workers’ Comp lawyer focuses on providing maximum benefit to injured workers. Harming oneself while working isn’t new to anyone and happens almost everywhere. However, these injured employees do not get fair compensation in each incident. Rather some employers tend to mistreat their workers and give them much less than what they actually deserve.

It’s not wrong to say that Brockton workers’ comp is full of procedural obstacles and pitfalls. Yet, with reasonable legal assistance, most employees can avoid these complications and gain maximum advantage.

Getting injured at your workplace is very common, and these injuries lead to a lot of drastic losses such as lost wages. According to official bodies, in 2014-2016, a total of 93,123 cases of lost wages due to injuries were filed within Massachusetts. Most of them were those males who were the sole earners of their families.

That is why Brockton workers’ comp is an issue that cannot be taken lightly. Your family’s survival depends upon it, and every employee has the right to put forward a claim for benefits from their employer in times of need.

Things to Do for a Brockton Workers’ Comp Case:

If you face lost wages issues due to injuries, then pursuing compensation is your fundamental right. Furthermore, to ensure that nothing goes wrong, there a few things that workers should do, such as:

1. Immediately Report Your Injury:

It’s imperative to immediately report the injury to avoid any issues in the future. A delay in reporting the matter could have certain drawbacks. Therefore, whichever management personnel is available, convey to them about the incident. Whether that person is a business agent or a supervisor or just in HR, narrate the whole scene. Even if the injury is a minor one, informing higher authorities is vital.

2. Take Photos:

Having photos of the incident acts as proof for the investigation. When the equipment or the conditions at your workplace are the reason behind your injury, you can directly ask for compensation. In some cases, employees facing harm due to their employer’s negligence can pursue third-party negligence claims.

3. Get a Medical Examination:

The biggest mistake that an individual can make is that they don’t get a complete medical exam right after the incident. No matter how small or big the wound might be, always go to a reliable practitioner. Medical reports play a significant role in defining how much worker compensation you will receive in Brockton. Also, these medical tests are paid from your employer’s pocket, so don’t hesitate and get all the tests done.

4. Dig Out the Company’s Previous Injury Cases:

Have some inside information or data to support your claim. If your employer’s mistake led to your injury, then there is a high possibility that something similar happened to others as well.

5. Provide Accurate Details:

It’s of utmost importance to never withhold information and never mislead others. Try to give an accurate history of your work injury. Show your health reports to prove that the damage was not related to your past health issues.

6. Hire a Competent Lawyer:

A legal battle requires solid legal representation. Employers don’t give up so quickly and mend the facts to hold the victim responsible. Thus, contact the best legal experts in your area. With a seasoned lawyer by your side, you can win relatively easily.

Things to Avoid to Receive Just Workers’ Compensation:

Along with all the things that people need to do, there is a separate list of things that people should avoid. With a few wrong steps, the entire Brockton workers’ comp case could go against you. Therefore, these are some of the common mistakes that employees need to avoid if they want maximum compensation.

Do not wait too long before reporting the injury. Once the damage becomes old, the claim becomes weaker.

In fear of repercussions, some employees don’t report the matter as a work-related injury. Never make this mistake. If you think that this will please your employer, you are committing a grave mistake. Maybe to an extent, your employer might pay you for a certain period but probably won’t do so for a longer duration.

Employers try to mislead their employees by asking them to use their insurance.

Never sign any legal documents until your lawyer isn’t with you. People can deceive you, so keep a good lawyer by your side.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer Today:

Brockton workers’ comp cases are pretty standard, and our firm has experienced lawyers to assist you in this matter. Not only are they well trained, but also competitive. Our main aim is to help injured employees win maximum compensation. Get in touch with us today and let us know about your case.